Hello, employer!

My name is Alex Clarke. I'm a print and digital designer with specific interest in web content and, if you let me, I'll rock your organisation's world. Shall we do coffee?

I have well rounded and well developed skillset - web development skills coupled with solid design fundamentals. I believe in the power of a clean user interface. I believe in pixel perfect design, snapping to guides and numbers divisible by 12. I trust photoshop's info palette with my life (and your brief).

I bring an unquenchable, relentless passion for knowledge and experience to the table. If I don't know how to do something, you can be sure that I will not stop until I've figured it out. I live for a challenge, design or otherwise (but in this case, design!), and will pursue my goals until they are completed to the very highest standards.

Design thrills me, and I would treasure the opportunity to be a part of your team.

Oh, the things I can do.

My tertiary education built my fundamentals, and I spent all the time I wasn't in class growing my skillsets in design and development.


I've created print ready artwork for business cards, flyers, billboards, brochures and booklets.


I work primarily with wordpress to create kick-ass webshops, content managed sites and portfolios.


I've created memorable brands for startups and established businesses, for both internal and external deployment.


I love the challenge of working in teams to conceptualise, design, develop and deliver projects on time.


I have always contacted clients directly through email or phonecall to keep them informed and happy.


I've taken clients through the Wordpress backend, as well as written detailed training documents.

  1. Skills and Competencies
  2. Interests
  • Html / CSS
    Graphic Design
    Problem Solving
    Lion Taming
  • Movies

I've learned some stuff.

I've studied and worked really hard to get good at this crazy design thing, and I've got all the pieces of paper to back it all up. Good, huh?
  • Swinburne University of Technology

    2010 - 2013
    • Studied an array of subjects. Covered print, web, typography and game development.
    • Focussed primarily on multimedia and digital design.
  • Caulfield Grammar School

    2003 - 2008
    • Earned Certificate II in multimedia, and Certificate III in information technology.
    • Voted "most likely to accidentally buy a pair of shoes that don't quite fit"

What I've done, and where.

I'm a hard worker, both independently and as an employee, and over the last few years I've built a substantial portfolio to prove it.
  • Graphic Designer & Web Developer - Jalapeno Creative

    2013 - Current
    • Created and assisted in the development of brands, flyers, brochures, booklets, signage and campaign rollouts
    • Developed cross-email client compatable EDMs
    • Directly communicated with clients to assess their needs and specifications
    • Worked to tight deadlines to deliver high quality fast-turnaround content
    • Browser tested and quality-controlled internal and externally developed web content down to ie7
    • Redesigned and built the company website
    • Wrote and submitted small articles to the company blog (see an example here)
    • Worked with interstate and nationally recognised brands including the Asian Pacific Group, John Holland, The Mandala Apartments and Ausinc Stationary
    • Brought sunshine and joy into the lives of my coworkers
  • Web Design & Development - Freelance

    2010 - Current
    • Worked Extensively with wordpress to develop dynamic blogs and portfolios
    • Used e-commerce packages to create online stores for small businesses
    • Developed content using an array of technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery
    • Wrote detailed briefs, liaised with clients, managed projects and deadlines
    • Collaborated with other developers and designers to create powerful and engaging content
  • Fresh Prince of Fromage* - Cheese Shop Deli

    • Tasted, presented, talked and sold artisanal cheeses from a range of Australian and European suppliers
    • Managed teams of up to 5 people in coordinating pack up routines, culminating in closing and securing the facility
    • Often encouraged customers and coworkers to engage in acts of stupidity such as "deli-yoga", "deli-calisthenics" and (a personal favourite) "deli-karate"
    *Definitely not the job title, definitely a real job

(Some of) my work

  • Victor's Gym

    Design, Development

    Website for a specialist strength training gym. Project utilised a fullscreen background for a unique and gritty atmosphere.

    See More
  • Mindsatwork

    Design, Wordpress

    Custom built Wordpress powered blog / corporate website. Leverages jQuery masonry for an engaging blog.

    See More
  • Victor Alan

    Wordpress Development

    A simple Wordpress installation custom built to incorporate an eye-catching full size photo slider.

    See More
  • Deadline

    Illustration, Print

    A small 'zine' style booklet describing a creative's unique relationship with a particularly challenging brief.

  • Penelope Efthimiadis

    Wordpress, e-commerce

    A custom, mobile friendly Wordpress e-commerce theme built with woocommerce to allow the client to record expressions of interest rather than actual transactions.

    See More
  • Rocketship Media

    Wordpress, e-commerce

    Branding and holding page for Rocketship Media, the brand that I use for my freelance activities.

    See More

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The best part of all this? I'm ready to start on Monday. Unless today is Monday, in which case sorry I'm late, I'll see you tomorrow.

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